1. Turn GoGolf GPS on and pair to your smart phone by pressing and holding the side MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON (4) until the LED (2) on the side goes from red to an alternating red/green indicating it is ready to be paired. When paired, the LED (2) will be green. It should only be necessary to pair to a device one time.
  2. Set desired volume on your smart phone. There is no volume control on the GoGolf GPS unit.
  3. You should be at the first hole and at your course automatically. If you are starting at other than the first hole, use the TEE BUTTON (3) on top of GoGolf GPS to advance to the proper hole. One short press for next hole and one longer press for previous hole.
  4. When you are at your ball, simply give a short press on the side MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON (4) to hear the distance to the center of the green.
  5. To advance to the next tee, give a short press on the top TEE BUTTON (3)followed by a short presss on the MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON (4) to hear the distance from your new tee position to the center of the green.
    Once you are at a new ball position, after the tee shot, press the MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON (4) to get the distance of your last shot and/or the distance to the center of the green.
  6. Turn GoGolfGPS off by pressing and holding the MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON (4) when you are finished with your round.
  7. There will be a sequence of red LED (2) and audible tone suggesting battery is low. To charge, pull back the Rubber Hatch (6) exposing the Micro USB Port (7). Be sure GoGolf is off. Use the included charging cable. You will see the LED (2) turn red while charging and then green when fully charged. Unplug the cable and replace the Rubber Hatch (6).

Note…GoGolf GPS comes with approximately 1/2 charge. It is recommended you charge fully when received.

GoGolf GPS