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“Last shot 230 yards…175 yards to center”

Wearable Audio Golf GPS

Paired to your mobile device, GoGolfGPS tells your distances in a clear natural voice!

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Shipping end of October

  • Lower your score
  • Paired to your mobile device, GoGolf GPS audibly gives you the distance to the center of the green and/or your last shot… from anywhere on the course.
  • Over 30,000 courses supported-available in different languages and text.
  • No more guessing-GoGolf GPS will teach you to trust the distances you can hit your clubs… and with confidence.
  • GoGolf GPS also lets you listen to any audio app.
  • The GoGolf GPS app is absolutely free, no advertising, or upgrades.
  • The GoGolf GPS app is state of the art with an interactive course map.
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Works with iOS & Android Smartphones