How accurate is Gogolf GPS?

It is as accurate as your GPS receiver in your iPhone/Android…quite accurate.

The audio is very low or not working!

A quick troubleshoot to solve this is if you forget the device in bluetooth setting, turn off bluetooth, turn it back on, and then pair again. This should help resolve connectivity and with the audio.

How Many Rounds can I play before recharging?

You should be good for about 5 rounds of 18 holes.

Will Gogolf GPS work with both Android and iOS Phones?


What distance can I be from my bluetooth device?

Approximately 30′. However, depending on terrain, this may be longer.

My course is not on the map or needs updating.

Please send us a message on our contact page to let us know which course is not available or needs to be updated. We are constantly working on getting this updated. Golf courses often update their terrain or reverse holes, and this is not known unless they or a customer actively notifies us.

Is GoGolf GPS waterproof?

No, it is however water resistant/splash proof. If accidentally submerged in water, let it dry for a couple of days before turning it on. It is much like your smartphone in this situation.

Can I use GoGolf GPS as a hands free device to talk?

No, it is a speaker only. However, it will play via Bluetooth anything your smartphone will send…music, etc.

How do I turn off my GoGolf GPS unit?
By pressing the side MFB button. Please see Getting Started section.
How do I pair GoGolf GPS to my smartphone?
By pressing and holding the side MFB button until the LED flashes alternating red and green. Please see Getting Started section.
How do I go to the hole I want if I do not start on the 1st tee?
Either advance or go back to the desired hole by pressing the tee button on the top of the GoGolf GPS unit. As an example, if you wanted to go to 15, then it would be quicker to go back. If, however, you wanted to go to 5, then it would be quicker to advance. See Getting Started section.
If I forget to turn off the GoGolf GPS will it run the battery down?
No, it is designed to automatically shutdown after five minutes when your Smartphone and/or GoGolf GPS are disconnected.
Is there a low battery indicator?
Yes, at the same time there will be “beep” and the red LED will flash.

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