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Installing GoGolf GPS to glasses and caps, etc

  1. Choose one of the two clips that best fits the application (GoGolf GPS is shipped with the smaller clip already in place)

– Glasses may take either clip depending on the thickness of the side frame pieces
– Caps will probably take the wider/larger of the two clips
– Clothing may take either depending on the thickness of the garment

  1. Slide the clip of choice into position starting at the bottom. You will notice a small keeper on the top of the clip that will click into place.
  2. Slide the clip/GoGolfGPS unit into place on the host.
  3. To change and or remove the clip, press down and out with your fingernail on the small lock at the top of the clip. The clip will now slide down and off of GoGolf GPS.

Note…for right handed golfers, GoGolf GPS should go on the right side of the glasses and also the cap and the reverse for lefty handed golfers. This is because the glove is on the other hand.